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iPhone 5 release date, newsand rumours
bimDate: Saturday, 12/Jun/09, 3:03:10 AM | Message # 1
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iPhone 5 news and rumours Although widely expected,
there was no iPhone 5 in 2011
after all, though the
company did announce the iPhone 4S . So we'll surely see a total
revision of the iPhone during
2012. We've gathered
together all the latest
iPhone 5 rumours to give us a
reasonable picture of what Apple's latest handset might
be like. You'll find all the rumours
below, but why not check out
our iPhone 5 rumours video
first? iPhone 5 release date
iPhone 5 news Stay up to date on iPhone 5
with our in-depth coverage Given the pattern of Apple's
iPhone launches, we're
expecting the next-gen iPhone 5 release date to be mid to late 2012. It could possibly be shown
off at Apple's Worldwide
Developer Event ( WWDC 2012), which usually takes place in early June - even if
the focus of the 2011 event
was software. We are
expecting iOS 6 and more on OS X Mountain Lion this time around so it could be
that hardware is further
down the list again. Apple WWDC 2012:
what to expect We reported in February that the new iPhone would be
launched in October, falling
into line with the same
release schedule from last
year, and Macotakara
'sources' confirmed the Cupertino brand would be
honouring the same upgrade
cycle from now on. According to analyst Shaw
Wu, the Cupertino firm has reduced the number of
iPhone orders by 20%-25% for the next
quarter ahead of the release. But rumours have persisted that the iPhone 5 release date
is June 2012. It seems
Foxconn was even gearing up
for that date . Production was reported to be very close in late March 2012. iPhone 5 form factor Unlike the iPhone 4S, the
new iPhone will be a
completely new design from
what has gone before, so that
means an entirely new casing
as we saw with the iPhone 3G and, later, the iPhone 4 . Power up your iPhone Best alternatives to the
default iPhone apps Interestingly, someone who
claimed to have seen a larger
iPhone 5 prototype said in
November 2011 that Steve
Jobs canned the new size and
opted for the iPhone 4S. According to Business
Insider , it was feared that a new
size would create a two-tier
iPhone ecosystem. Beatweek also claimed in November 2011 that the 5-
inch was scrapped "because
Apple wouldn't be able to do
it properly" this year.
However, the Daily Mail (make of that what you
will) then suggested that a
four-inch version was likely
and that Sony has already
shipped top secret demo
screens to Apple. The Taipei Times reported at
the end of May 2012 that
Stone Wu, senior analyst at
IHS Displaybank, reckons Sony began production of in- cell touch panels back in
February, as it readied stock
for the next generation of
iPhone. iPhone 5 specs Based on the roadmap of
mobile chip design specialist
ARM (of which Apple is a
licensee), we'll see a quad-
core processor debut in the
new iPhone 5 - probably called the Apple A6. We've
seen other quad core handsets debut in 2012, so it's not too
much of a stretch to say that
the iPhone 5 will be the same. Game on! 50 best free iPhone games on
the planet We had expected some kind
of help in terms of
predicting the iPhone 5 CPU
from the launch of the new iPad, but the announcement of a slightly tweaked A5X
processor really didn't help
things there. In terms of other specs aside
from the screen (more on
that below), rumours are
persisting that the iPhone 5
may have a new dock connector . Well, it had to happen sometime didn't it? iPhone 5 will have 4G/LTE
support After the new iPad's launch
brought 4G to an Apple
device, it's widely expected that 4G will come to iPhone
5. And with many 4G
handsets already announced
in the US, it can't be long
before the iPhone supports
4G technologies - even if we won't even have a UK
spectrum auction until late
this year or maybe early next. Because of the 4G fuss over the new iPad in the UK, we'd expect this to be played
down in any UK handset - or
the UK might get a
different version entirely
of course. 4G mobile broadband and
LTE explained Steve Jobs' iPhone 5 legacy Many sites have reported that Steve Jobs was working
hard on the iPhone 5 project,
which will apparently be a
"radical redesign". We shall
see... but the fact the iPhone
4S was so similar to the iPhone 4 suggests that Steve
was working on something
pretty special before Check out this handy iPhone
5 video detailing the latest
rumours on release date, spec
and more - so check if out
for a quick fix of next-gen
Apple fun: The Wall Street Journal has
previously reported that:
"Apple is also developing a
new iPhone model, said
people briefed on the phone.
One person familiar said the fifth-generation iPhone
would be a different form
factor than those that are
currently available… it was
unclear how soon that version
would be available to Verizon or other carriers." This has since been backed up
by reports from Engadget,
which state the design will be a 'total rethink' . iPhone 5 screen
Fill up on apps Top 50 best free iPhone apps
2012 Various sources claim the iPhone 5 will feature a
larger, 4-inch screen.
Digitimes quotes the source as
saying that Apple is
expanding the screen size "to
support the tablet PC market as the vendor only has a 9.7-
inch iPad in the market." On 23 May 2011, we reported
on rumours that the iPhone 5 could feature a curved glass
screen . These rumours also came
from Digitimes, which said
that Apple has purchased
between 200 and 300 special
glass cutting machines because
they're too costly for the manufacturers to invest in. In March 2012, new reports
suggested that the new
iPhone 5 would come
sporting a larger 4.6-inch retina display , while April rumours even suggested the next iPhone will use new
touch technology and will be
encased in something called
"liquidmetal." During May, The Wall
Street Journal cited sources
as saying the device will
definitely sport a 4-inch
display. iPhone 5 digital wallet -
NFC There's been some speculation
that Apple might include Near Field Communication
(NFC) technology in the iPhone 5, turning it
into a kind of credit/debit
card. Fully tested Read our in-depth iPhone 4S
review However, with the tech being
inside the Google Nexus S and Samsung Galaxy Nexus , as well as a host of other top
smartphones, the time for NFC may finally be here. On 24 June 2011 it was reported that the Google Wallet mobile payment
platform could feature on
the new iPhone. Eric Schmidt
admitted that Google is
looking to port the software
to other manufacturers. However, on 31 January 2012 9to5Mac claimed to have
spoken with a well-connected
developer who disclosed information
received from Apple iOS
engineers saying they are
"heavily into NFC". The developer in question has
not been named, but is
working on a dedicated iOS
app which includes NFC
reading for mobile
transactions. When questioned how confident he
was on the information he
had received his reply was
"Enough to bet the app
development on". On April 30 2012 an Apple patent filing reinforced the idea NFC in iPhone 5. iPhone 5 camera Sony makes the camera for
the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.
Speaking at a live Wall
Street Journal event, Sony's
Sir Howard Stringer was
talking about the company's camera image sensor facility
in Sendai, a town that was
recently ravaged by the
recent Japanese earthquake
and tsunami. According to 9to5Mac , he said something along the
lines of, "Our best sensor
technology is built in one of
the [tsunami] affected
factories. Those go to Apple
for their iPhones… or iPads. Isn't that something? They
buy our best sensors from us." Sources have also suggested
the new iPhone could have an 8MP camera . Indeed, Sony announced in January 2012 that it had
developed new back-
illuminated stacked CMOS
image sensors which are
smaller in size. iPhone 5 price If the iPhone 5 is an
evolutionary step like the
move from the iPhone 4 to
the iPhone 4S then we'd
expect the price to stay more
or less the same, although in the UK higher VAT rates
may well mean a higher price
tag. It's pretty much nailed on
that the new iPhone will cost
around £500 for a 16GB /
32GB model (depending on
the capacity Apple whacks in
there) and unless the iPhone 5 comes with some truly next
generation technology that
pricing model should hold
firm. iPhone 5 review TechRadar is renowned for
its detailed phone reviews
where we look at every aspect
of a handset, and we'll be
bringing you a full, in-depth
iPhone 5 review when we get our hands on one. As for the name, well it
looks like it will be called
iPhone 5. Apple has certainly
been trying to protect the
name iPhone 5 - and has even
launched a claim over the domain name.
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